Humanely and locally raised chicken and lamb products. For pick up or delivery. Call 831.824.4183 to place an order. Click on link above for more information.


Finding Sustainable, Nutritious Seafood During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Regular hours are now 8am to 8pm every day. As of 3/18, first delivery available was 4+ days out. Extended senior discount days to Monday through Friday and encourages folks to allow seniors to shop from 8am to 9am.  Regular hours are now 8am to 8pm every day. Order via Instacart.

Membership CSA now delivering fish and other protein directly to home.

Whole Foods

Per their Instagram account, Whole Foods will allow anybody 60+ to access stores one hour before opening. They will start closing up to two hours before standard closing to allow for staff to stock, sanitize, and rest.


Starting Mar. 18 Target is reserving the first hour of each Wednesday for higher risk shoppers including the elderly or those with underlying conditions.

Santa Cruz Farmers Market

Santa Cruz Farmers Market will REMAIN OPEN under the County Shelter in Place Order. Farmers Markets have been deemed as Essential Food outlets. This is fantastic news for all of us, shop in fresh air while you get the whole foods vital to maintaining those strong immune system. No prepared food or samples so eat before you go, they've implemented some extra safety procedures and stalls are even further apart to help ensure a safe distance.

  • Downtown Wed OPEN NOW until 5pm. (Cedar & Lincoln)

  • Saturday Westside Market is 9-1 (Western Dr/ Mission St ext.)

  • Sunday Live Oak Market is 9-1 (15th & East Cliff)

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